Provident Payment About

Provident Payments provides businesses with the best POS systems on the market to increase profits and business growth. The successes that we’ve achieved with many of our client’s own businesses show why Provident Payments has become one of the nation’s highest growing financial services companies.

We take pride in our ability to have built a positive, unbeatable reputation in the financial services industry. It has become our mission to provide businesses with every technological advantage in order to become a leader in their industry.

Provident Payments has partnered up with some of the best companies in the financial services industry to have the best network available to better suit our client’s needs. The continued growth and expansion of Provident Payments have introduced us to some of the nation’s leading companies to form an alliance with.

Our list of preferred partners includes companies such as Card Connect, First Data, Vantiv, Aurthorize.net, Factor 4, and TSYS. We continue to grow new relationships with potential new partners all the time.

Provident Payments - Las Vegas Team

The Answer to All Your Processing Needs

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, Provident Payments is the answer to all your POS needs. With over 12 years of service, we have made a significant impact by providing our clients with exceptional quality service.

We stand by our commitment to excellence for each and every one of our clients. Nothing makes us happier than when we witness our client’s businesses significantly grow and develop with the help from our team and the excellent services that we provide.

Our story begins in the heart of Las Vegas, where our main headquarters is located. We were built on the foundation to provide our clients with top of the line service no matter the situation. To achieve our goals, we put together a dynamic, hard-working team who have exceeded our expectations tremendously.

The excellent client relationships that we built during our 12 years in service has put us where we are today; one of the leading financial service companies in Las Vegas. As a business owner, wouldn’t it be nice to have more time to relax and enjoy the success your business has brought…Provident Payments can make that your reality!!!

We want to make things easier for you and your business so you have fewer demands and obligations. Our job is to consolidate the various time-consuming aspects of your business, such as inventory stock checks, multiple store monitoring, outreach marketing, and many more tasks that take up your valuable time.

The clients we work with can’t believe how more productive and efficient they have become since incorporating us into their business. The POS systems and software we provide to our clients help reduce and eliminate the business’ workload tremendously. Providence Payments takes enormous pride in the security monitoring we provide for our clients. We have a 24-hour dedicated security team that is monitoring all your business transactions. With all the fraudulent transactions that can occur, it is very important to make sure that our clients are well protected from any malicious or unauthorized card activity. When businesses choose our services and products, our goal is to limit your financial liability and stress from the dangers of fraudulent payments.