Provident Payment E-Commerce

The day of shopping in stores is becoming a thing of the past these days. With the convenience of our mobile phones and tablets, shopping has never been made easier for the consumer. Customers are participating in e-commerce more frequently. Buying everything from clothes to food online, so it’s important to give them a safe secure transaction when processing a payment.

Provident Payments offers various platforms of safe and secure e-commerce payment processing. Having extensive experience working with companies such as Shopify, 3D Cart, and Magento gives us the knowledge and expertise needed to make e-commerce transactions easy, safe, and secure for our clients’ businesses and their consumers.

What is E-Commerce?

Millions of people every day are online looking at different items constantly, and when they come across an item they want, they can buy it instantly through an online store. This is more commonly known as e-commerce. An e-commerce or online store is a place where consumers can shop and purchase products via an online transaction. Consumers enjoy the convenience of shopping online and can virtually make a purchase pretty much anywhere.

Online shopping has become desirable because of the simple process; it’s as easy as browse, shop, click, and purchase. With the multitude of online shoppers, it should come as no surprise that every 30 seconds, 1.2 million dollars are generated through e-commerce transactions.

What E-Commerce Can Do For Your Business

Today, going online is part of our daily lives, in fact, it seems as though life has stopped if we lose internet connection for even a minute. With the tremendous amount of people online at any given time, having a page where they can go to view your business is great, but even better if you give them a collection of items to shop for.

Whether you are a coffee shop or retail store, having an e-commerce store available to your customers can raise your growth and profits enormously. Every business can potentially add products that can be sold online; such as apparel, mugs, accessories, and products that directly connect with your business or industry.

Having products available for online purchase helps build your brand’s awareness, which in turn can enhance business growth.

Provident Payment Processing - Ecommerce


With all the money being spent through online shopping, start to think about the number of transactions that are occurring each minute of every hour. Each purchase has to be processed during the transaction, which means the online transaction process is the most important aspect of e-commerce.

Consumers shopping online appreciate an easy and efficient checkout process when emptying out their shopping carts. By providing a user-friendly transaction process, you are adding to the customer’s positive experience in your online store.


There is an abundant amount of transactions occurring every second, and with the high amount of transactions happening, it, unfortunately, can lead to having some of your transactions being fraudulent. It’s important for your business to have each and every transaction monitored to minimize fraudulent transactions.

Online POS security systems can protect an online store from being subject to fraud claims and reduces liability on the business.

Expand Your Customer Base

When you have a great e-commerce store which offers a safe and secure payment portal, your business will attract more customers shopping on your online store. With more customers visiting your online store, more transactions will occur, which all adds up to business growth.

The transaction that occurs during the end of the sale, is the determining factor on the success of your business. Each transaction is bringing in revenue into your business, with that being said, businesses have to understand the importance of each transaction. Business growth can be a direct result of a properly linked up POS system with your e-commerce store.