Mobile Credit Payments

Provident Payment Mopbile Credit NFC Terminal

With the ease and convenience of mobile credit payments, you can accommodate almost every customer who walks in the door. With mobile phones being on the verge of replacing wallets, it’s a great idea to update your business to mobile credit payments. A successful business has to continuously keep up with the latest trends customers are flocking towards and mobile credit payments are one of these trends.

Let your business be one of the first of its kind to offer mobile credit payment before your competitors acquire it. Integrating your business with mobile credit payments can set you apart from other stores as being more convenient and resourceful to your customers. Provident Payments has the capabilities and experience necessary to successfully update your business to feature mobile credit payment.

How Are Mobile Credit Payment Integrated into My Business?

Once you have decided on updating your business to accept mobile credit payments, we will come and install an NFC (near field communication) terminal. Once activated, the NFC terminal will be able to sync up with a customer’s mobile wallet and complete a transaction. The installation is simple and can be up and running in no time.

Offering Mobile Payments Can Strengthen Your Brand

With many more people turning to mobile wallets having a business that accepts mobile pay is a great step in the right direction. When customers realize your business accepts mobile pay it gives them more payment options and increases their overall experience satisfaction.

Never underestimate “word of mouth” marketing, customers are highly likely to pass on to others that your business accepts mobile payment. Since many businesses still don’t offer mobile payments, your business will have an edge over others. This gives your business and it’s brand strength. When customers talk about your business and write positive reviews about your acceptance of mobile pay this will enhance business growth and brand awareness.

Elevate Your Marketing

One of the best features of mobile payments is having amplified marketing tools available to your business. When a transaction is occurring, customer information such as emails and phone numbers can be collected. This data can allow you to send email notifications and text messages to your customers about upcoming sales and promotions. This keeps the customer aware of your business even when they aren’t there.

Provident Payment LV - Mobile Credit Payments

Tighter Security Against Theft

When you have a business, one of the major concerns is fraudulent transactions. Small businesses can really be affected by fraudulent transactions because of the increased amount of liability. When a business uses mobile pay this decreases liability and risk to unauthorized transactions greatly. This is because every transaction processed is encrypted with a code to prevent making any duplications.

Mobile pay is thought to be a more secure method of payment vs traditional cards because the card requires a fingerprint or facial recognition in order to process. Even if a customer loses their phone, an intruder could not have access to the phone’s mobile wallet.

Creates Loyalty Programs

Today, many businesses have customer loyalty programs, they help with customer engagement, as well as, maintaining a continuous relationship with customers. Mobile pay can assist with gathering data on customers who register with your business’ loyalty program.

When a customer with mobile pay is checking out, mobile pay can access customers’ phone numbers and personal email. With the use of G.O. targeting software, businesses can reach out to previous clients who are in the area. This is an optimal time to send coupons, daily promotions or inform customers of any sales going on. Mobile pay can positively affect the outreach with previous customers as well as generate new ones.