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Provident Payment POS Systems

“My business is so much more organized and efficient since switching to using Provident Payment’s POS systems” – One of the many Provident Payment satisfied customers

Having a business takes many working components coming together in the right way. When choosing the correct POS system for your business, Provident Payments has you covered from standalone units to handheld units.

Switching from a cash drawer to a POS system will update and enhance your business on numerous levels. The way you conduct business will become significantly easier and more efficient, everything from simplifying daily tasks to virtual monitoring of all your stores’ inventory from one location.

Our POS systems can easily be integrated into your business and the transition process is a breeze.  With our multitude of different systems and software choices, we can help you find and tailor a POS system that directly aligns with your type of business. Whether your business is a restaurant, coffee shop, or retail store, Provident Payments can ensure you a POS system designed to perfectly flow with your business.

Connect to All Your Locations and Grow Your Business

Monitoring each individual location can be a headache and adds much more time and tasks to your workload. With the use of a POS system, you can stay connected to all your locations while growing your business. Your business can still keep going and growing even when there are internet connectivity problems.

With the use of data storage and backup systems, all the stores’ information is safely distributed to all other locations. Your other stores can check updated inventory information from any location. Having all your stores connected provides more accurate minute-by-minute data updates. This can help when it comes to store inventory transfers, analytical reports, and employee placement.

Keep Track of Your Inventory Supply

With our POS Systems, you have the ability to check your inventory status at any time. For a business that has an inventory of products, it is important to always have vital information related to what’s in stock and out of stock. This allows full data reports on which items are selling and the rate at which they are selling. Business owners can use this information to make important decisions on which products are higher or lower relevance to the business as well as tracking sales and what items to place on sale.


Provident Payment LV - POS Systems

Generate More Continuous Customers Through Marketing

Each customer that makes a transaction with your business should be looked at as a potential repeat customer. The key is to have the right system in place in order to retain them, so they can continue to patronize your business. Our POS Systems have the software to collect your customers’ information, such as an email address and phone numbers for future marketing campaigns.

The information collected can be used to send out store promotions, upcoming sales, and coupons to your customers. One of the advancements in POS Systems is target marketing. Which is the ability to track your customers’ purchases and determine their shopping interest. This gives the business the ability to send out catered marketing campaigns to customers based on their previous shopping interests.

Elevated Security Protection

Let your fears of fraudulent transactions pass you by. Provident Payments takes the security of our merchants very seriously, which is why we have a 24-hour dedicated team to monitor transactions and notify you of any suspicious activity. Our POS Systems also help to reduce the liability of customer information leaks and fraudulent chargebacks.

When your business is conducting multiple transactions per day, it is imperative to have the utmost security for the protection of your business, as well as the customers who choose your products and services. Let Provident Payments limit your worry on the protection of your business.