Using CRM to Drive Sales During Slow Seasons

Using CRM to drive sales during slow seasons

At Provident Payments, we understand that regardless of what industry you work in, you are bound to experience slow seasons where sales take a dip. For most companies, proper planning can ensure that your company makes it through those seasons without taking a serious financial hit. With a well thought out strategy and a quality customer relationship management software, your company can drive sales during slow seasons. Here is how your business can start using CRM to drive sales during slower seasons.

What is a CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and the software creates a streamlined way for companies to nurture relationships that lead to increasing the volume of sales. Customer Relationship Management software is designed to help businesses develop strong customer relationships by allowing businesses to acquire and maintain new and old customer relationships. CRM software is an effective tool for generating leads, building a sales pipeline, managing customer relationships, and ultimately closing sales.

Generate Leads

Generating leads is one of the most important ways that you can drive sales during the slow seasons. Lead generation is a process that should be something that you are doing 365 days a year and the right CRM software can help make that effortless.

One of the best ways the CRM software helps you generate leads is by collecting information from customers who fill out forms on your website. CRMs take this information and catalog it in your list of prospects. You can also manually enter the prospect’s contact information that you collect manually from networking.

Nurture Your Relationships

Once you generate the leads, it’s not enough to sit back and expect your leads to come to you. CRM software is an effective tool that lets you create a sales pipeline that takes your customers from prospects to return clients. This is effective when you are in a seasonal sales slump and your sales team needs to be engaging with new and returning customers.

Using a CRM to keep track of your contacts also makes it easy for your sales team to share detailed information about clients that can help them close a deal faster. Not only will your team appreciate this shared information, but it will also make your sales team look like they are always on their A-game when they contact those clients.

Automate Email Marketing Campaigns

One of the best features that quality CRM software offers you is the ability to automate your email marketing campaigns. This is a valuable tool because it allows you to set easily repeatable tasks that add value to your business on autopilot while you focus on other aspects like nurturing those relationships.

You can essentially break up automated email campaigns into three categories: drip campaigns, nurture campaigns, and workflow campaigns. These campaigns are designed to your customers with marketing emails that prompt them to shop with your business.

Using these strategies with a CRM is sure to break your seasonal sales slump in no time.