Virtual Terminals

Provident Payments LV - Virtual Terminal Online Mobile Shopping

Never lose a sale again with our quick and easy virtual terminals. Using a virtual terminal means no additional software to add, just easily start taking payments through debit and credit cards on smartphones, tablets or desktop devices. The simplicity of online payments for consumers gives your business the ability to grow your sales and reach higher goals.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Terminal for Customers and Yourself

Provident Payments wants to make your transaction process simple and convenient for your customers. Our virtual terminals make debit and credit card transactions as simple as possible through the convenience of your customer’s desktop. By logging into the terminal you can authorize one time transactions, weekly, and monthly payments.

Should I Have a Virtual Terminal for My Business?

When you incorporate a virtual terminal into your business, you are able to help grow the efficiency of your business. Have the ability to get paid faster and offer your customers to make a payment using their own personal device. Customers appreciate having quick easy options when it comes to making payments.

Why a Virtual Terminal Will Help Enhance Your Business

24-Hour Security and Monitoring

Our virtual terminals are highly secured with multiple layers of security, so you and your customers can rest assured that all processed payments are being monitored and secured. With the use of security systems such as CVV numbers, we can make sure our customer’s personal information is being protected to the fullest extent possible.

Accessible Everywhere with a Browser

Use anytime and anywhere, the virtual terminal can be accessed from any mobile device or desktop regardless of your location. Be able to have transactions processed in the convenience of your own home or 30,000 feet in the air while traveling. You are never too far away to conduct business with customers.

Maintaining an Organized and Efficient Business

Keep track and stay on top of your orders, when using a virtual terminal you can view and track your orders to make sure everything is running smoothly. Simply just log in and review all your new and existing orders to make sure they are all being fulfilled.

Provident Payments LV - Best Virtual Terminal For Small Businesses

Choosing to Make Your Sales Simple and Easy

Getting a head start on your sales by having a virtual terminal that allows you to start processing sales in as little as 1..2..3. Link your business account to your terminal and start taking payments and receiving funds within as little as 24 hours without any additional software to install to add. Your customers can log in online through their phone, tablet, or any mobile device to make seamless purchases or payments.

All the Fees Are Upfront, Don’t Worry or Be Concerned with a Hidden Cost

Simple pricing without hidden fees. Whether you are accepting new transactions or accessing the terminal to monitor an order, there is no need to be worried about hidden fees. Provident Payments have a fixed rate on all transactions processed within your business. There are no withdrawal, setup, or termination fees; with our company, everything is straightforward.

Easy, Simple and Painless

The convenience of having a virtual terminal makes everything more easy and accessible for yourself and your customers. Virtual terminals can be used on multiple types of businesses and help with the current retention rate of your customer base. Provident Payments is here to amplify your business growth to the fullest potential by making each and every transaction as simple as possible for your customers.